2014 ArtWhino Richmond Mural Project

The 2014 Richmond Mural project sponsored by ArtWhino has come to a close. Another interesting group of murals have been painted onto blank walls throughout Richmond, adding more color and artistic vision to the city.

A map of mural locations for the last three years:

The Artists for 2014 and links to other works.

Chazme/Sepe Chazme718

Ekundayo Google images

Ron English The Carter Creative

David Flores http://davidfloresart.com/blog/

Meggs David “Meggs” Hooke

Onur/Wes21 Wes21

Robert Proch Robert Proch

Smitheone Smitheone

Tiny URL for this page: http://preview.tinyurl.com/o4yfbqp


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