Ed’s Simple Salsa

Now that tomato season is upon us in Richmond, Virginia, it is the time for making refrigerator salsa, or salzpacho, as I sometimes call it. Hanover tomatoes are just about in season, although I find them to be quite overrated, having no more flavor than other grocery store purchased tomatoes. My favorite tomatoes are the purple heirloom varieties, including Cherokee purple, as i think they have more flavor. That said the yellow brandywine is a very nice tomato, yielding well and with a good flavor. And mammoth German gold has very nice yellow orange rainbow coloration. Black zebra cherry and red zebra cherry and green zebra cherry all add nice color to salzpacho, but do not add that much flavor. (Links from Tomato Growers Supply, a great source of tomato seed, and a fabulous annual tomato porn catalogue. One can also purchase heirloom tomatoes at a farmers market and save the seed and replant the next year).

Ed’s Simple Salsa is made by chopping a reasonably ripe tomato, a Vidalia (or other) sweet onion and adding a bit of BBQ sauce such as Famous Dave’s Texas Pit and a bit of hot sauce such as Crystal. Pick-a-peppa hot sauce is also a good choice to add a bit of fruitiness and not too much heat.The use of hot sauce and/or BBQ sauce instead of chopped peppers allows one to have a bit better control of the spiciness of the salsa. One is never quite sure how spicy a chopped jalapeno or serrano will be. If one has more time, and additional ingredients, one can also add garlic, cilantro (gone to seed already in VA), basil (currently in season), and leftover fruit (mangoes, strawberries, blueberries), etc. Salsa is related to soup in that one can add items that are in season or in the refrigerator.

20140709_120130[1]Ed’s Simple Salsa (Cherokee purple tomato) shown on summer squash.

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