Iced Coffee

I just love iced coffee in the summer. Here are a couple of shots of iced coffees from some of my favorite coffee shops in Richmond, VA and Boston, MA.

IcedCoffeeMulitplesSmallSaison Market‘s (310 N. Adams Street, RVA, 37.546950, -77.442377) nitro-poured cold press coffee is shown in the middle row, 3rd from left, below the flying pig. Incredibly strong. And no cream on hand to dilute. Had to get some from the kitchen.

Lamplighter Coffee‘s locally roasted version in the glass jars. Three RVA locations (116 S Addison St, RVA, 37.548880, -77.470747; 26 N Morris St, 37.546545, -77.456794; 1719 Summit Ave, 37.568994, -77.468271).

Sub Rosa Woodfired Bakery has an oven in the store and is baking some delicious sourdough bread in addition to serving Lamplighter coffee (620 N 25th St, RVA, 37.534753, -77.415919).

Stir Crazy was a bit off my normal bicycling path but definitely worth the visit (4029 MacArthur Ave, RVA, 37.588944, -77.457931).

10 offers a great deck on Cary St with lots of people watching and Italian conversation inside (26 S Auburn Ave, RVA, 37.553979, -77.482587).







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