Glorious Minnesota, with Canadian weather

I am back in Minnesota after escaping to Richmond, VA to work, but mostly to avoid the winters. So what do i get yesterday? A record low high in Minneapolis. A road trip to Minnesota still results in frigid temperatures, only this time it is in the summer. And with the baseball All Star game scheduled this evening at Target field that ought to be a bit chilly. Wearing anything but shorts in the summer makes it too cold for living.

The dip in the jet stream, aka the polar vortex, extending into much of the central states makes the weather here seem, and look with the puffy cumulus clouds, like a fishing trip to Canada. But those pillowy clouds are really quite gorgeous.
2014-07-15 13.03.58
You gotta love those wide Dakota County roads with the clouds on the horizon (44.564551, -93.207640)
Plenty of water going over Minnehaha Falls (44.915360, -93.209698).
View from the confluence of Minnehaha Creek with the Mississippi River (44.908734, -93.200729) looking toward the (former) Ford power plant.

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