Lunch stop in Lewisburg, WV

On the final leg of my return trip to Richmond, VA, I exited the freeway looking for something more than the typical American fast food in proximity to interstate exits. As i was travelling alone and unable to use the internet while driving, the brown Lewisburg Historic District sign had caught my eye and I headed for downtown.


I did not have much time to spare but ambled a couple of blocks along Washington Street, either direction from the intersection of US 60 and US 219. A very quaint, peaceful village with a couple of drivers going opposite directions stopping in the middle of the street a block from the light to chat a while.
I stopped in at the Stardust Cafe and had the


cool cucumber soup special. Delicious and prepared with chopped cucumber, dill, parsley, lemon, shallots and garlic. Very refreshing on a summer’s day. The salads on the menu looked good but too large, so I ordered the side salad which appeared to have been poured from a bag, with tomato and carrot added.
To prove that hipsters are everywhere, there is also a nice little bike shop right on Washington, Hill & Holler Bicycle Works.


I will definitely return to Lewisburg to check out the sights and more of the area.

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