Plantation mini-tour

I had headed out to stay in the country south of Richmond, VA and took myself on a mini-history tour of Plantations in and around Hopewell, VA. The first stop was at the former Appomatox Plantation, Petersburg National Battlefield, at City Point in Hopewell.  This house I came to learn was used as General Grant’s Headquarters for the siege of Petersburg. It is on a bluff just above the port where supplies, brought up the James River on boats, were unloaded and transferred to trains.


On the other side of the James River, my next stop was at the Shirley Plantation (37.341920, -77.261105), Virginia’s first plantation, founded in 1613 only 6 years after the settling of Jamestown. This is one of the James River Plantations and can be accessed by taking the last crossing of the James river until the Jamestown ferry to the east.


Further to the east and downstream on the James is the Berkeley Plantation (37.320026, -77.172445), home to Benjamin Harrison, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, Harrison and President William Henry Harrison.



After missing out on other Plantations along the James River, including Westover, Sherwood and Evelynton, I stopped at the Charles City County Courthouse.

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