The demise of non-slip bricks

I have enjoyed the non-slip nature of some of the bricks in Lynchburg, VA. These bricks seem to have been manufactured by Chilhowie Paving & Sidewalk Co. or perhaps Virginia Paving. A VERY quick search yielded no ancient design or utility patents. But they are non-slip? Why did the manufacturing stop? Too expensive?  Not innocuous enough?





Bring back non-slip brick pavers!!

Update from 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. These type of paving stones are used all over the city. A selection of patterns is shown below.


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One Response to The demise of non-slip bricks

  1. Pogo says:

    I’m finding non-slip bricks on the corners here in Naperville. They have been added in the past 5-7 years. Important for old geezers like me, although the final responsibility to avoid injury rests with me.

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