Charlotte brewpubs

The Old Mecklenburg Brewery was established in 2009.  The light rail stop heading out from downtown is called Scaleybark. What a great name!
(Surly Brewing in MSP, which was the harbinger of the craft brew craze in MN, started in 2005.) The Biergarten is delightful on a summer’s eve with picnic tables on a gravel surface providing the opportunity for strangers to mix at the tables,  like in Germany.


Inside the bier hall are large rooms for indoor events.
Heist Brewery on North Davidson was nearly empty on a Monday but had a nice outdoor space and some unique tapas/appetizers. I had a marinated Portobello mushroom with a deep fried pickle skewered into it. Clever but a bit too much overall sour.


NoDa Brewing is also on North Davidson,  although with my upbringing I thought it was established by an émigré from North Dakota. The taproom was crowded on a Labor Day afternoon and the sour beer, What Gose Around, was delightful, nice and sour and low alcohol.


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