Bike lights for safety

A number of people on the streets have mentioned that if I were to get hit by a car, it would not be my fault. Obviously due to the improved visibility. The lights were originally added to the bicycle for the 2013 RVA Moonlight Ride. The first group of lights, battery powered Christmas lights, were taped to the wheels and zip tied to the rear basket. This alpha version has held up amazingly well for 13 months, although the Gorilla Tape eventually comes unstuck.  My friend Kelly did not think the bike had enough lightws, so gave me additional orange and purple lights which i added as “running lights” and helmet lights.










I managed to find the perfect garage for the bike at the InLight Festival held in November 2013.













The bike lights were also well received during the Christmas light season.






Thanks so much to Lance Cheung for the fabulous light portrait, below, taken in September 2014.



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