Lighthouses in VA and NC

As part of my trips to the shore I have assembled an incomplete album of lighthouses in Virginia and North Carolina.

The first of the lights houses is on the eastern shore of VA, the Assateague lighthouse (Chincoteague Island, VA, 37.91126,-75.356219). We were there on a cold spring day.

lighthouseThe second is on the outer banks of North Carolina, the Bodie Island lighthouse (35.818601, -75.563242), on a spectacularly sunny early fall day.

20140918_160026The famous Cape Hatteras, NC lighthouse (35.250559, -75.528862).

20140918_173812Another Virginia lighthouse near Virginia Beach, the second Cape Henry Lighthouse (36.926323, -76.007224) built in 1881, is about 350 feet from the original lighthouse and about a thousand feet from the location of the first landing on April 26, 1607 of the first permanent English settlers from the London Company.

2014-10-16 21.39.2320141016_142354 20141016_145227

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