Zestar vs. Honey Crisp

Although I am from Minnesota, I hate to see the Honey Crisp apple take over apple season  from all the older varieties. Of course there are the eminently shippable Braeburn, Fuji, Jazz and Red Delicious apples which are now present year round at the grocery store. I still think there is an imprtant place for locally bred and produced apples on the market, even those that do not last very long even with refrigeration or have a less than perfect eating texture.

The Honey Crisp is the apple that has really ramped up its production, due to the explosiveness of the taste when bitten into, as if apple was juiced immediately upon biting. And with a unique sweet, tart taste.


The Zestar I had was a bit more tart and acid and very juicy, but not as juicy as the HC. It also seemed to brown relatively rapidly after being bitten into.
Unfortunately, this season I have not come across any Macoun apples, an improved Macintosh variety.

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