Sourdough 2014

It is with great frustration with commercial bread that I am back making my own sourdough bread. All bread, purchased at all stores seems to contain an inordinate amount of sugar along with some salt. So i started another sourdough concoction. I used to boil a potato and add degermed white wheat flour day after day but then read that a sourdough made from rye flour doesn’t get as runny. So in 2013, when I started making sourdough starters, I switched to using rye flour. Some sourdough oral tradition indicates that the yeast? and bacteria? for the sourdough are present on the rye grain itself, making the potato and “capture” of the strains from the unnecessary or impossible.
It is simple enough to add a small amount of water to a small amount of rye flour. I use a sealable rubbermaid container to contain the magic, and place it in an oven with incubator provided by the oven light. I continue to add flour until the mixture starts to bubble, probably four to five days. I always try to make bread too early in starter pricess. This causes the final loaves to take forever to rise but they ARE nice and sour, dense but edible.

To make a couple of small loaves from my sourdough starter stock, I add 1 1/3 cups starter and 1 1/3 cups hot tap water to 2 cups of rye flour. Or possibly, other grains and often with oats mixed inmixture. This is put in the oven light incubator overnight or longer until it has about doubled in size with nice visible bubbles. And there is that nice sourdough yeasty astringent smell. Then just add some honey (or molasses for color and sugar) some yogurt possibly for more bacterial fermentors and of course the flours of the hour. With just rye flour it us hard  to get much lift, so some white bread flour or whole wheat us helpful. Also spelt is nice. I am adding ground flax to use some up. Knead the mixture a couole of minutes until it is in a single phase. Cut in half, round out the two mini loaves and let rise under that oven  light. A rockin sourdough takes about three hours to rise. Younger or dormant mixtures may take longer. Remove from oven, preheat to 375F and bake for 45 minutes.


Loaves covered with white flour, scored and ready to let rise.


Finished, baked loaves of a rye, whole wheat, white wheat, ground flax, honey sourdough.
My goal is now to get larger bubble size in this mostly rye bread.
Happy baking!
I guess the bread doesn’t look too bad. Still trying to increase that bubble size.

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2 Responses to Sourdough 2014

  1. This looks fabulous! I love sourdough bread. Yumm!!

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