Sourdough 2015

I stumbled onto a nice book of bread vignettes, “In Search of the Perfect Loaf” by Samuel Fromartz. He visited several bakers in the United States and Europe and learned from their bread making techniques.
{More background…}

The wet processing technique described for Roggenweizenbrot was a revelation (see pg. 220-224). I had been adding flour to add more density, to make a “one phase” dough, but never achieved a crumb with large bubbles. The breads were always very edible and tangy tasting, though. The Weichardt Brot Modification emphasized handling the dough with wet fingers. This resulted in a bit of a sloppy mess the first time I tried this process. This time, before the final rise I coated the dough ball in whole wheat flour before placing it on a thicker layer of corn meal.  This made it pretty easy to transfer the loaves to the baking stone. Here are the results for a rye, while wheat, white wheat bread with a bit of corn meal, ground flax and honey added.


The size of the bubbles is increasing. Here is a nice description of crumb.

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