Sourdough January 2015

I tried the wet finger rye sourdough technique again. I was in a different test kitchen today but the crust finally has the taste of the Mischbrot that I used to eat in Cologne and Vienna. The dough is kind of a sloppy mess and I have begun covering the wet loaf, after a couple of short rises, with excess whole wheat flour so that it is possible to actually handle the bread without altering the shape. Also so that it is not so wet for the final rise which i have traditionally done on corn meal, which is good for transferring the loaf to a baking stone. Today’s loaf had a very dark exterior, practically burned, as I did not turn down the oven after removing the water. This nearly burnt exterior seems to contribute the missing taste notes for my palate. The bread is practically spongy, which must be all those air bubbles in the crumb.

2015-01-13 14.02.12 2015-01-13 16.14.40

10 JAN 2017.

I am back in the rye sourdough game after coaxing my sourdough out of its months-long hibernation. I suppose the refrigeration and the layer of alcohol on top saved it from fungal contamination. Not bad for a first post-hibernation loaf.

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