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Inspirational writing space

It is very important to have an inspirational space for writing, researching and reading. But the view in this space should not be so inspiring so that one gets drunk taking in the view. It should also be quiet, ideally … Continue reading

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Gemma Bovery, French film cotton candy

I saw a very enjoyable bit of French film cotton candy last night, as part of the 23rd annual Richmond French Film Festival, Gemma Bovery, a story about a couple, resembling characters in the Gustave Flaubert novel Madame Bovary, who … Continue reading

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Florida spring training trip

Yet another trip to Florida. Can I do it? The drive is kind of long and lonely but direct on I-95 Southbound from Richmond. I am leaving late on a Friday to pick up some miles on the first leg … Continue reading

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Mr. Turner

I just saw the movie Mr. Turner at the Westhampton Theatre, which is slated for closure and redevelopmentĀ  reportedly by the end of the year 2015.         Mr. Turner, as played gruntingly and well by Timothy Spall, … Continue reading

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365 Dawns/Twilights 2014_2015_2016

After walking past the 365 skulls Skull-a-day project of Noah Scalin in the window of Chop Suey Tuey on Cary St. in Richmond, VA and learning about the 365 Buddhas project from Julian Cook and Vicki Willis, I decided I … Continue reading

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Metzger Bar and Butchery

Seriously, Restaurant of the year? I saw the choice of Metzger Bar and Butchery for Style Restaurant of the Year and was excited about the opportunity to have Austrian and German fare, Liptauer spread and Leberwurst, in a restaurant. I … Continue reading

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More Curious, Sean Wilsey, book review

More Curious, Sean Wilsey A mostly interesting group of previously published essays, including: Esoterica about the teeny artsy-fartsy town of Marfa, Texas in which he lives. Skateboarding, pass, not interesting to me. Soccer, pedestrian, neophytic, young adolescent American review of … Continue reading

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Ft. Myers Beach, Florida

Had a great exercise day at Ft. Myers Beach. The only place to park for free seemed to be just east of the causeway. The view from the top of was magnificent. The beach was very crowded during the day … Continue reading

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