More Curious, Sean Wilsey, book review

More Curious, Sean Wilsey

Morecurious cover final pr

A mostly interesting group of previously published essays, including:
Esoterica about the teeny artsy-fartsy town of Marfa, Texas in which he lives.
Skateboarding, pass, not interesting to me.
Soccer, pedestrian, neophytic, young adolescent American review of a World sport. Like many American’s call for changing the Offside Rule and others to make the game more like high-scoring American sports, basketball and football. [Although  cricket,  also invented by the Brits, could be considered a high scoring form of baseball. The ratio of runs to outs in cricket is considerably higher than in baseball.]
Haggling for appliances, I suppose interesting reading for those needing to purchase lots of BRAND NAME stuff to feel good about themselves.
A trip across the country with a dog in an old truck like Travels with Charley (Steinbeck) …
High end chefery- At a hamburger cookoff, our hero, the Shake Shack guy vs Rachel Ray and other celebrity chefs

I was sad when the book ended. About halfway through the collected columns they started to grab my attention. I was uncertain if some of the essays were written as fiction or prose.

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