Wild Tales (Relatos salvajes)

Argentinian Damián Szifron’s Wild Tales (Relatos salvajes) is a very captivating group of tales exposing the gritty side of humanity, whereby the alternate translations of salvaje (savage, fierce, untamed, feral), in combination, are more descriptive of the vignettes.

Tale 1-Pasternak
Practically ripped from today’s headlines, about a captain in a jetliner crashing a plane.

Tale 2-Rats (Las ratas)
Be careful who you know on the staff at the diner

Tale 3-The strongest (El más fuerte)
A road trip tale of anger.

Tale 4- The bomb (Bombita)
Auto repossession from a demolitions expert.

Tale 5-The proposal (La propuesta)
Hit and run and greed, corruption and revenge.

Tale 6-Til death do us part (Hasta que la muerte nos separe)
marriage event kind of like Gone Girl and War of the Roses at the wedding ceremony.

Well worth the viewing.

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