Raleigh Brewpubs

After a ramble past the Museum of Natural Science, the Museum of History and the Agriculture Department and a quick troll around the Capitol Square in Raleigh, NC it was time to search for a microbrew to assess the hipster level of the fair capital city.  I bypassed Clouds Brewing as a hostess at North Street Beer Station said they did not have their own beer on tap. She had recommended Boylan Bridge Brewpub with it great view of the city.


It was finally into the 70s, a reasonably warm spring day, with  the moon just rising over downtown as the sun was setting in the west, and I thought it was time for a lighter beer after a winter of porters and stouts, so i tried the Koelsch, which was brewed somewhere else, I believe. This was a light summer beer but not exactly like a Koelsch, perhaps halfway, maybe using the European hops. Having lived in Cologne it has been a struggle to find a real Koelsch stateside. Reissdorf is exported, and perhaps my tastebuds deceive me, but it seems more bitter out of the bottle here in the US than from the keg in Cologne. I certainly miss the taste of Malzmuehle and Paeffgen and even Sion Koelsches. The search for a good US Koelsch continues!

After the great view at Boylan Bridge it was on to Natty Greene‘s for a snack. The wildflower Wit Bier was forgettable but the Thirsty Thursday prices, half price appetizers and $2 core beers was nice and light on the wallet. And the servers were all friendly and fun.



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