Hochkirchen Konditorei

In 1983, when I was doing my post-doctoral molecular biology research at The Institut fuer Genetik in Koeln we had the pleasure, or peril, of living on the first floor directly above the Hochkirchen Konditorei and all is fancy pastries and baked goods.


This was a typical German apartment on Berrenrather Strasse, across from a park, and a couple of blocks from the Guertel, which we got through a Makler (broker), the matchmaker who set up the meeting with Frau Hochkirchen in the cafe. Education was a bit more  respected in the more formal German society, so I had an Alu Namenschild inscribed with my name, prefaced with a Dr. The location was well served with public transportation as there was a street car that ran around the Guertel as well as one that went into the city and even one that went as far south as Bonn. It was probably a twenty minute walk to the University in Lindenthal as well as the Suedstadion, the home pitch for the second league soccer team Fortuna Koeln.
There were tilt windows in the bedroom, kitchen and front room. There were no closets so we had to organize a Garderobe for clothing storage. All the frigs were mini frigs so we had two, one for food and one for drinks, which came in handy for storing Koelsch beer bottles from the crate. We rented a minivan and drove to IKEA in Bonn to pick up some shelves snd other home  furnishings so that the apartmenr would look like a home for our Thanksgiving in Europe celebration. Those little Puten were about half the size of the injected American Butterballs. It was not possible to find fresh cranberries and pumpkins were also hard to come by.

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