New York bagels, Zucker

I had accepted a commision to find and retrieve a traditional New York, blue Greek coffee cup, which was allegedly to be found everywhere, although I had not seen a single solitary one, what with a Starbucks on every other corner. Finally, I surveyed the food carts on Wall Street and found one and had a bagel as well.


I had heard that New Yorkers found it only possible to obtain a real bagel within the five boroughs. This first bagel exemplar must have been air-puffed in the suburbs, as it was bulbous and billowy, no better than a Midwestern bagel.
After only a couple of false starts, I found the answer to the bagel conundrum today at Zucker’s Bagels & Smoked Fish, 146 Chambers Street.


It must me the schmear. How could I even pay attention to the dark pumpernickel bagel with all the locally smoke salmon peeking out from the cream cheese? A perfect bagel and lox and cream cheese spread. No wonder their wrapping paper trumpets their Timeout selection as the best bagel in New York.

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