Skinflints & Bean Pot, Bay Ridge

I took the R train out from Park Slope to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn searching for the Bean Post Pub, 7525 5th Avenue, and its TimeOut reader’s choice no1 bartender.


I missed the crowd favorite bartender and struggled to communicate with the  waitress my desire for an IPA. There were lots of regulars day drinking at the bar but I was unable to get an IPA after a number of miscommunications.

So on to the old stained glass of Skinflints, 7902 5th Avenue which


served a reasonable bacon cheeseburger, except for the use of Cheezewhiz on top. That weren’t no cheddar. Shake Shack really does sell a pretty darn reasonable hamburger at a pretty reasonable price.

There was no ironic hipsterism at Skinflints with bartenders and customer talking firefighting. Lots of head scarves and middle eastern accents on the streets outside gave a different feel from my other Brooklyn neighborhoods.

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