Midwood Flats

I had been having trouble finding the time to get to my local neighborhood hipster hangout on Flatbush in Brooklyn, Midwood Flats, after I first noticed it near the B,Q Prospect Park stop because my lodging is closer to the 2, 5 Sterling stop. Last weekend I stopped in for a quick beer on the way home and had a Six Point Crisp, which is like a Czech Bohemian pils. I chatted with a nice Norwegian girl who was waiting for her parents to arrive after she had already stayed in the neighborhood three weeks soaking up New York.


And last night I had a Flower Power IPA, which was a nice florally hopped beer, just a bit too much alcohol for my taste last night. I ordered the Loaded Croquettes and was expecting a Poutine like mass of tater tots covered with bacon and sour cream and received the chef version, which appear bigger than their actual size of chocolate truffles.


I was disappointed so had to order the hamburger with salad which was recommended by the bartender and being consumed by barmates on both sides. I had mine rare and it was an excellent choice. I would order without a bun next time around.

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