Friday Cheers, Ardent Anniversary RVA

Joe Pug
Okay you have friends in the audience that one-up you on Buffalo  football  trivia. Very emblematic of your folk? songs, played in a trio of two guitars and standup bass. A guitarist that solos  in the bass string register? I’m sure the headliners will be better.


Hurray for the Riff Raff.
I give. It was a beautiful night and sunset.  A couple of females singing, nothing memorable. Indie rock redux. An unknown encore. Very few people in attendance.


Clair Morgan
Mediocre power metal playng a sing-a-long encore anthem? from the 00’s, 10s. I presume that beat focus, fewer notes and simple chords should make it easier for an Alzheimer sufferer.


Man I am getting old. Free music in Minneapolis used to be kinda fun.

Milk Stains
Oops. Spoke too early in the list of bands. These guy are a fun power punk trio with a very solid, on the beat drummer, a good bass player and guitarist. And with puml, yhe songs only last three minutes, so there is always another tune imminent. The synchronized head wagging was great on the first couple of songs.

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