Big Daddy Love at Broadberry playing some kind of country jazz, that is with extended breaks. Naturally the guitar dominated with the keyboard player filling in his chromatic scale solos.


The bass player was locked in to the beat focussing it even when the drummer went a bit astray.

Jackass Flats, the headliners, opened with some Time by Pink Floyd from Dark Side of the Moon… time is flying…ten years from today…in a new way.


They reenvisioned a bunch of old tunes in a bluegrass, country, party direction: Amos moses, alligator by  Jerry Butler; Miss me when im gone, grateful dead; and others

The band has three singers harmonizing on the vocals, perhaps not at the Nashville Flats level, but very fun.

The band finished up, after broken guitar and banjo strings with Viva Las Vegas. There were only a handful of fans remaining at the end. After the applause ended and the lights came up, it was out into the night, lighting up the bicycle, heading out through the alley past the band vans and on to the quiet Richmond back streets for a peaceful ride back home.

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