Saucy’s Walk-up BBQ, Petersburg, VA

I had taken a wrong turn earlier in the summer while heading to the Peterburg farmers market and passed Saucy’s Walk-up BBQ, which i thought would be worth a visit. When we arrived, I very much liked the new industrial poured concrete tables supported by plumbers pipes and wheeled to allow one of normal strength to move the table.


Definitely a renovated space that Petersburg needs.

I ordered my “BBQ Tester”, a pulled pork sandwich topped with coleslaw,  with the three bean salad as a side and my friend orderd the quarter chicken with potato salad.  The pork sandwich seemed smallish and the coleslaw was vinegary while being curiously sweetish. The add-on hot sauce was Chalula, which seemed a curious choice. The three bean salad of green, pinto and white beans was interestingly spiced. The chicken was uncooked at the joints. The house sauce was a thick, sweetish mixture with some added North-Carolina-style  vinegar. A lot of curiosities I’m not certain I would return to investigate.

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