Back in the Kefir Biz

I decided to get back to making kefir so obviously needed some kefir grains as I had given my last batch away when I moved to Australia. After a brief, dissatisfying, “commercial” internet search, I found a local anonymous Karla Kefir Grain in Reston, VA. It was very fun, like a clandestine operation. “Come to Apt X at 7:30 and put $5 under the mat. Your kefir grains will be nearby.”


There they were! Attached to the door with an instruction sheet. So I rushed off to get some while milk. As I was on the road, I needed a container and remembered an old glass jar emptied of almond butter in the trunk of the car. It still smelled of almonds and had no visible signs of mold do washed it out added some milk and the kefir grains. When I got back, I left the top ajar and voila! Success!


Now I just need to strain out tge grains and enjoy.

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