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First Falafel

I really enjoyed the simple falafel sandwiches in Manhattan and JC and thought I would try it at home with the first reasonable recipe I found. Unfortunately I started hydrating the chickpeas late, the wimpy blender was not up to … Continue reading

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Zucchini potato pancakes, lefse

We are still trying to use up those monstrous zucchini so I modified the potato pancake recipe, substituting grated zucchini for half the amount of potatoes and adding bacon bits and shredded cheddar cheese. A very tasty way to utilize … Continue reading

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Zucchini walnut bread

Are you suffering from an over supply of monstrous zucchini and have no idea how to dispose of it all? This great zucchini nut bread recipe will take those 4 pound zucchinis off your hands. Your friends and relative will … Continue reading

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Hai Hai brunch, MSP

The recommendation to have brunch at Hai Hai, 2121 University Ave in MSP was fabulous. The green papaya salad was a delight. Also enjoyed were the omelette bahn mi and the Hanoi sticky rice. I mistakenly ordered the silken tofu … Continue reading

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Nate’s Bagels, RVA

I finally managed to stop by Nate’s Bagels in Richmond on my bike trek back from downtown and was informed by the diasporic New Yorkers at my table that there was only one place to get bagels. Although located outside … Continue reading

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