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Sorghum harvest

The sorghum in my soil improvement project has reached harvest maturity, so it is time to dry the grain before figuring out how it needs to be processed before cooking. This has been a very fun backyard project yielding seedheads … Continue reading

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Hurricane cocktail

A couple days before landfall of Florence when she was predicted to be headed straight toward Richmond, I thought it would be good to have ingredients on hand for a Hurricane cocktail: dark rum, pomegranate juice, orange juice and other … Continue reading

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Immature green figs

After a hard winter in Richmond, the new fig tree started late and produced abundant foliage but nary a fig had ripened. What to do, what to do? An Italian recipe combined green figs with onion, pancetta, wine and pasta … Continue reading

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Red beans and rice, central American style

After reading a New Yorker article extolling the virtues of heirloom bean varieties, and being in Jersey City with grocery stores plentiful with GOYA products, I picked a pound of Central American Red Beans, which I finally used today to … Continue reading

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First Arepas

After I tasted my first cheese arepas, in NYC, in the rain, in May, during the 9th Ave International Food Festival I thought that I should figure out how to make them and, after finding the GOYA Masarepa white corn … Continue reading

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