Pineapple tomatillo cocktail

I sampled some pineapple tomatillos at the Carytown Farmer’s Market abd after my taste waned I needed a usage for the blended tomatillos I was about to create.

Good recipes were hard to find before I decided I should just grind the pineapple tomatillos, add orange juice and rum and say finito to the pineapple tomatillo experiment with a rum-and-orange-juice-like drink.

But the tomatillo seeds are 1/8 as big as pepper seeds (shown above) and passed directly through the kitchen sieve. It was possible to decant the tomatillo liquid away from the seeds as the seeds remained on the bottom of the bowl.

Mixing the pineapple tomatillo liquid with Myers rum and ice resulted in a cocktail where I could not taste the pineapple tomatillo. Oh well, worth another try

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