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DIY composter

After digging holes and pouring in kitchen scraps for conversion  to useful compost, we finally made an inexpensive, versatile DIY home composter.  We have not quite gotten around  to building a top to complete the three bin system nor collected enough … Continue reading

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Vazac’s Horseshoe Bar

Dive bars of America unite! Vazac’s No.7 Horseshoe Bar, across from Tompkins Square Parkon Avenue B, sports a nondescript exterior which is congruous with the roadhouse feel inside interior. The place was pleasantly half full just after happy hour, near … Continue reading

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Vienna coffee shop travel

With this late November 2014 Richmond, VA weather similar to that in Vienna when I moved there in 1995, I miss the opportunity to see the best small city in Europe, and warm up, on the Viennese Streetcars. They were … Continue reading

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Road trippin’ with bacon

Who says you can’t take it with you? I fried up some half strips of bacon just before I left for Virginia Beach. And just tossed them in a saved glass jar. Seals in the grease and there is no … Continue reading

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Refrigerator pickles

Perhaps it is my German upbringing or that my father lived through the depression that explains my minimalist belief that no foodstuff should ever go to waste. Now that it is cucumber season in Virginia, i have taken to saving … Continue reading

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