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Volunteer cucurbit

I had such fun with a volunteer gourd a decade ago that I thought I would plant another couple volunteers from the compost bin. (The flower was open at 8AM and closed about 10AM). It doesn’t seem to look like … Continue reading

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Manhattan Dive Bars, Pt 2

In the same neighborhood as 7B at Avenue B and East 7th and are a couple of other dive bars. Doc Holliday’s, at Avenue A and East 9th has a great old country jukebox and a pool table where some … Continue reading

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Beignets and Coffee, Cafe du Monde

After a tour of the sculpture garden we found the Cafe du Mone truck selling beignets and coffee in City Park. One was enough for me

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Philz Coffee, Are Pourovers Here to Stay

Now that I have figured how to order, I am enjoying my super dark roasted Jacob’s Wonderbar pourover coffee at Philz Coffee Dupont Circle daily. Nice and dark like the Peet’s original I had in the 80’s in Berkeley.

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Simple naan redux

I had not gotten my 10K steps in after retrying this 1/3 rye flour simple naan recipe and ended up letting the dough rise for 1.5 hours instead of 0.75 hours and had a delightful result, with the dough expanding … Continue reading

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Cafe Einstein, Unter den Linden, Berlin

It is a typical drizzly northern German October day and after I got reservations for the Neues Museum and the Reichstag, I stopped off at Einstein Cafe for a Mel├ínge and a salmon sandwich. Nothing special but out of the … Continue reading

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Zucchini walnut bread

Are you suffering from an over supply of monstrous zucchini and have no idea how to dispose of it all? This great zucchini nut bread recipe will take those 4 pound zucchinis off your hands. Your friends and relative will … Continue reading

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